Peter Traynor

With over 25 years of experience in the capital markets, Peter’s focus is on strategic marketing and business development for stock exchanges, investment banks and public companies. His background includes over ten years with the Toronto Stock Exchange in successive management positions. He later worked in the Communications department of the Ontario Securities Commission where he was the editor of OSC publications, and subsequently Senior Securities Analyst at CCH Canadian Ltd. where he edited the annual Annotated Ontario Securities Law and Regulations and published various definitive texts on the securities industry.

Following the worldwide de-regulation of stock exchanges, Peter co-founded ITB Solutions in 2005 in order to directly assist exchanges and investment banks with business and listings development.

Peter has acted as an Expert Reviewer for the Ontario Center of Excellence’s SmartStart Seed Fund Program, evaluating interesting young start-ups for potential seed investment.

From 2005 through 2016 Peter worked on the development of public listings for the Canadian Securities Exchange, assisting growth-oriented companies with raising capital and going public in Canada. He now is actively working with the innovative Aequitas NEO Exchange in developing high-quality international equity opportunities for listing.

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Jeffrey Stanger

Since 1995 Jeffrey has worked in the capital markets with both public and private companies. Jeffrey has worked in management, business and corporate capacities with companies on the Alberta Stock Exchange (ASE), Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE), Canadian Venture Exchange (CDNX), TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) and CSE- Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE). His experience encompasses IPOs, RTOs, private placements, prospectus financings, Investor Relations, business acquisition reports, public company filings, corporate finance and corporate strategy and development.

From 2005 to 2016 he had the role of Senior Advisor, Listings Development at CSE- Canadian Securities Exchange where he created listings development and sales strategies, a significant listings pipeline and relationships with centres of influence across Canada as well as globally. Part of that work entailed the compilation and analysis of institutional ownership in public equities.

Since co-founding ITB Solutions in 2005 he has assisted private and public companies globally to succeed in the capital markets in Canada. Jeffrey works with companies on their going public strategy, execution and corporate development creating a successful transformational transaction for his clients’ requirements. Additionally he uses his experience, knowledge and skills to develop pitchbooks, pitch strategy and execution for his clients enabling clients to reach their personal and corporate goals.

Through ITB Solutions he is a Senior Advisor for Listings and Business Development with Aequitas NEO Exchange, Canada’s newest stock exchange which focuses on putting investors, businesses looking to raise capital, and investment dealers first.

Jeffrey has a significant network and close relationships in the public and private capital markets globally including exchanges, investment banks, funds, angel groups and corporations.




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