Regulation A+ Financings

One of the components of the JOBS Act in the United States is the revitalized Regulation A now known as Regulation A+, where companies can raise up to $50 million dollars every 12 months from both accredited and non-accredited investors.

There are two tiers to Regulation A+ :

Tier 1

Requires SEC and state blue sky reviews & fees, allows a raise of up to $20M per year, is open to unaccredited investors, and no audit required

Tier 2

Requires SEC review but no state blue-sky review (“pre-emption”), a raise of up to $50M per year, also open to unaccredited investors (limited to the greater of 10% of income or net worth), annual audit required, must use a registered transfer agent.

Both are open to unaccredited investors, can be used by startups as well as existing businesses, and are exempt from 12(g) registration thresholds.

One of the benefits of a Regulation A+ financing is that a company can test the waters and receive non-binding expressions of interests from investors.  We advise that a company receive at least a 2 to 1 interest from investors.  So that if you are looking to raise $10,000,000 you should have expressions of interest of at least $20,000,000.

Regulation A+ is suitable for companies ready to raise over $5 million dollars whether Canadian or American.

 ITB Solutions can assist companies by helping them structure a Regulation A+ financing and bring together the team that will help in completing it.  We are your ‘in-house’ Regulation A+ team.  This will include lawyers, auditors, transfer agent, investment bank and/or an online marketplace.

Our services focus on the following:

  • Mapping out a detailed Regulation A+ strategy
  • Offering Summary for the expressions of interest
  • Regulation A+ Offering Investor Relations
  • Determining and connecting with the best portal and/or underwriter
  • Bring in the relevant legal counsel and auditor
  • Planning out and structuring the right post offering going public transactions

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