Mergers & Acquisitions

ITB Solutions Incorporated provides Mergers & Acquisitions management consulting services from identifying targets to structuring the M&A program to close the acquisition transaction(s).

Companies can achieve growth from two methods:

Organic Growth – increase in sales staff, marketing, creating a new product(s)/service(s).

Inorganic Growth – Acquisition of a company or just its assets that are complementary to the company’s current business or to introduce new products/services

Reasons to Acquire

  • Increase in Revenue/EBITA/Net Income
  • Economies of Scale
  • New Products/Services
  • Additional Skills/Knowledge
  • Increase Customer Base
  • Lower Competition

Reasons to Sell

  • Capital Needs
  • Growth
  • Divesting a division or product/service line
  • Retirement

ITB works with client companies to develop a Merger & Acquisition roadmap that enables the company to acquire businesses or sell their business.  It is important for companies to work with an intermediary as a buffer between buyer’s and sellers as you don’t want your competitors to know that you are acquiring or selling a business.   ITB services include:

  • Strategic Plan
  • Target List
  • Marketing & Transaction Documents
  • Due Diligence
  • Negotiation
  • Transaction Management

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We are located in the financial district of Toronto, ON.  We work with many domestic companies but specialize in US and international companies.

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