Stock Exchanges

ITB Solutions Incorporated works with stock exchanges to enhance their ability to grow public company listings as well as retention of those listings through the following:

Listings Development

We develop listing strategies including prospecting methods, tailored value propositions of a listing on a specific stock exchange, as well as implantation and execution. By collaborating with internal and external stakeholders our proven methods ensure that the exchange can meet its listing goals.

Revenue Strategies & Products/Services

ITB Solutions assists stock exchanges in developing additional revenue streams, both through the exchange’s existing offerings as well as the creation of new products & services.

Organizational Relationships

To enhance customer service while continuing to adhere to regulatory requirements, a stock market needs to develop the right organizational relationships internally. Without a collaborative structure within exchange-listed companies, investors, and in the end the exchange itself will suffer. The Business Development, Technology, and Regulatory Departments, including C-level management, must all work together to ensure that customer service is always a priority – all the while keeping within the necessary regulatory requirements.

Centers of Influence

A stock exchange must develop relationships with centers of influence who can bring quality listed companies to the stock exchange, not only domestically but internationally as well. These centers include law firms, accounting firms, advisory firms, private equity, venture capital, and investment banks. The exchange must develop a proper relationship structure that is evenly balanced for both the stock market and the various centers of influence.

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We are located in the financial district of Toronto, ON.  We work with many domestic companies but specialize in US and international companies.

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