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ITB Solutions is a management consulting firm that is focused specifically on the capital markets ecosystem. We work with marketplaces such as Stock Exchanges and Private Capital Markets, as well as Investment Banks, Auditors, Law Firms, and both private and public companies.

Our focus as Going Public Management Consultants (“GPMC”) is creating and managing the going public plan and deal team, in concert with C-level management, for a successful listing and financing.


We believe knowledge is power. We apply our deep subject matter expertise spanning core areas within the capital markets to empower our clients. Our core areas of focus include bespoke consultation around business analysis and modelling, going public transactions, financing, corporate governance, tax, and audit.


We leverage decades of experience through our team members who have worked at 6 different stock exchanges including the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”), Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”), Singapore Stock Exchange (“SGX”), TSX Venture Exchange (“TSXV”), Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”) and Cboe Canada (formerly the Neo Exchange) to provide management consulting and advisory services to public and private companies, marketplaces (stock exchanges and private capital marketplaces), investment banks and law firms.


Our greatest asset is the company we keep. From legal counsel to accounting and audit firms to regulators, exchanges, bankers and investors, we assist our clients in connecting with the right resources in the right organization at the right time.  If a specific request is outside our realm of expertise, we help find the appropriate support.

Local Expertise. Global Impact.

ITB Solutions concentrates on helping talented entrepreneurs build strong companies. Our focus is squarely on working with compelling companies in the small to mid-market space, across a diverse range of industries. We specialize in helping management teams leverage the Canadian capital markets to build and scale their businesses often through an Initial Public Offering – IPO  or Reverse Take Over – RTO.

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We are located in the financial district of Toronto, ON.  We work with many domestic companies but specialize in US and international companies.

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