Non-Offering Prospectus

For companies with a sufficient number of shareholders and no immediate capital requirements the non-offering prospectus is a method to go public by submitting the prospectus directly to the securities commission and relevant stock exchange. By definition, no investment dollars are raised, and in some instances no investment dealer is required.

ITB Solutions can assist in this process by advising management as to the company’s readiness for this route, or what they might do in order to be prepared for it. ITB Solutions will also provide a clear path to a cost-effective and efficient non-offering prospectus public listing.

Services Include:

  • Sourcing the appropriate legal and audit professionals.
  • Discussing and providing feedback on the structure of the company prior to submission of the prospectus for listing.
  • Coordinating filings and documents with the Exchange, as well as the legal and audit professionals.
  • Preparation and completion of Exchange listing documents.
  • Development of relationships with market makers.
  • Creation of Investor Relations programs including sourcing the appropriate professionals.
  • Sourcing of appropriate directors with public company experience.

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