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ITB Solutions is a management consulting firm that is focused specifically on the capital markets ecosystem. We are your trusted capital markets partner.

Our Clients

At ITB Solutions, we work with marketplaces such as stock exchanges and private capital markets, as well as investment banks, law firms and both private and public companies.


Our Suite of Services

We offer a full range of services that empower businesses, whether public or private, to access financing and, if desired, become public. 

We work closely with C-level management to structure and deliver attainable and sustainable success. Our process is simple. We identify and clarify corporate goals and objectives and then we develop a roadmap to achieve them. We assist management with the mechanics of listing and financing, as well as managing the process to become publicly traded in Canada.  We also provide in-depth knowledge and insight into utilizing your listing to establish a lasting future for management and shareholders.

We don’t just “tell”, we “do”. We offer hands-on implementation of the required actions. Delivering results on staged milestones is often a part of the process until such time as the strategic goal is achieved.

Marketplace Analysis

We help clients develop a better understanding of their particular competitive landscape and larger
markets in general.

Advisory on M&A

We can help source, introduce, and negotiate potential acquisitions or merger targets. We help put good companies together to make great companies. 

Investor Relations Advisory

We provide guidance and consultation on the creation and execution of various types of investor relations and market awareness programs.


We leverage our trusted network of industry professionals to get our clients the best possible subject matter expertise and execution across various fields.

Capital Markets

We provide comprehensive consulting and advisory services on capital markets strategies, actions and deliverables. Helping companies go public is our specialty.

Corporate Governance

We help companies ensure they develop and practice proper corporate governance throughout their organization, throughout the listing process and beyond.

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We are located in the financial district of Toronto, ON.  We work with many domestic companies but specialize in US and international companies.

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