Market Awareness

Market Awareness is one of the most important aspects to your public listing.  It is the first step of your Investor Relations program and the key to your success in the public markets.   Market Awareness let’s the investment community know you exist and the reasons why someone should invest in your company.

There are numerous providers of market awareness services, the trick is to engage with the right ones for your company at the right time.

You will also need the right Investor Relations firm or internal Investor Relations professional to handle the relationships with investors and the investment community.  Determining whether you use a firm or have it in-house depends on each company.

In concert with the Market Awareness program your company should also engage with a market maker and/or a liquidity specialist, which is another component of a complete investor relations program.

ITB Solutions will assist you in developing a market awareness plan, including the structure and bringing in the right, effective market makers/liquidity specialists.

Services Include:

  • Planning and structuring the market awarness plan
  • Sourcing out and negoitating with market awareness providers
  • Identifying the right Market Makers and Liquidity Specialists
  • Bring in the right IR firm or IR professional internally
  • Gaging performance of the Market Awarness, Market Makers and Liquidity Specialists performance


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