Private Capital Markets

The private capital markets, also known as the exempt market in Canada, have seen great recent advances in terms of technology.  Marketplaces need to combine technology, regulation, and securities law into an entity that not only services Small – Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and investors, but follows regulation in a clear and concise manner that all participants can easily understand and follow.

Platform Development

ITB Solutions provides marketplaces with analysis of the right platform and the necessary integration to develop a Private Capital Markets platform that can service companies, advisors, and investors.

There are technological opportunities that have to be included in every platform that provides more than a simple matching system of investors and companies but that also include insights and trends that are used to deliver a more enhanced program for success, all in addition to providing regulators with information that will enable them to develop more appropriate policies for the betterment of the market.

Market Policies & Structure

Developing the proper policy and structure that follows the domestic regulatory regime while at the same time taking into consideration foreign regulation.

The structure has to provide the opportunity for companies to succeed in raising capital, but it also has to provide rigid investor protection policies and protocols.

ITB Solutions understands the issues faced by marketplaces in developing a private capital market platform that addresses the concerns of companies, investors, advisors, and regulators, including how to solve those issues with a balanced approach.

Stakeholder Participation

Any private capital market must consider stakeholders, including who those stakeholders are, that can help make the marketplace into a success.  Again, mutually beneficial relationships must be created for the benefit of companies and investors.

ITB Solutions has identified, structured and developed relationships such as these for marketplaces as well as other financial institutions.

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