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Are you looking to complete a Reverse Take Over?
  • Are you considering taking your company public by means of a Reverse Take Over – “RTO”?
  • Are you looking for a Shell Company with which to complete your RTO?
  • We can help you accomplish your goal of taking your company public through a Reverse Take Over. Shell Companies come in all sizes, with or without money, either cease traded or still trading.
  • It does not matter where, or even if, the target shell company is trading on a stock exchange – the key is that it must be a reporting issuer with at least one of the provincial securities commissions in Canada and have the required shareholder distribution.
  • Learn more about our  RTO Solutions.

If you are looking at completing a RTO or looking for a shell for your Reverse Take Over, please complete the form below:

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We are located in the financial district of Toronto, ON.  We work with many domestic companies but specialize in US and international companies.

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