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As Investment Banks transform themselves intrinsically in order to compete in the increasingly competitive capital markets, they are both innovating from within and, where appropriate, relying on third party strategic services. This global trend to outsourcing strategic requirements best satisfied by third party specialists is permitting investment banks to access higher quality deal flow and reduce internal costs.

Business Development

  • Reduce time and money that is wasted in meetings and conference calls.
  • Rely on an established process that lays the groundwork for companies to engage with the Investment Bank.
  • Leverage ITB’s powerful network for business development and issuer attraction while you commit internal resources to other key initiatives.

Going Public Preparation

With ITB, the Business Development offering above is not mere “lead generation”.
On behalf of the client investment bank, ITB targets and lays the necessary groundwork for the go public transaction to occur with the prospective issuer. This includes all practical aspects of structuring the company for a relatively easy and quick financing/listing; grooming of the issuer’s senior management on the necessary skills, communication and knowledge for becoming a publicly traded business; and providing primers on what they need to have in place in order to seamlessly work with the bank toward a successful transaction, as well as what to expect once public.

So that by the time the IB needs to start work, the time-consuming aspects have been executed upon and the road through to the completed transaction is smooth.

Identification/Correction of Internal Operational Inefficiencies

  • Perform an Internal Process audit to identify operational inefficiencies and unjustifiable cost centers.
  • Identify areas within the bank that are most profitable, have the most upside in the current economic environment, and deserve the most investment.
  • Identify legacy systems and duplicated or over-lapping back office functions that likely should be outsourced.